Love seeing EunSun interactions! ^^

Sunmi uploaded a photo with butterflies and tagged YeEun in the photo~

And YeEun left a comment on the photo 🙂

Not to forget, Queen Yenny’s previous instagram profile photo was a butterfly as well ^^

hmmmm… what’s up with butterflies yea? hehehe!eunsuninstagram

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Wooooo~ Finally!!!!
EunSun photo together T.T
How many years have we waited~!!! And our deer-est Sunmi is gonna be back!! 22nd August!! *excited*

As seen in the photo, it was taken in June this year 🙂
It’s been more than 2 years since I have posted here too T.T And my love for EunSun couple has never changed 🙂 How about you guys? ^^


[Credit: WGworld for photo]

Continued from yesterday…

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Check out this sweet EunSun moment!!!
I love how they play with each other like that on TV! haha!
Check out how Sunmi immediately let go of YeEun’s hand once the camera started rolling ^^
Carry on reading for GIF ^^

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Wooooo! Our Deer-est Sunmi T.T

Pretty Pretty Mimi~

Our Mimi hung out with YeEun’s friends! How cool is that ya? ^^

Our EunSun so close to each other kekeke ^^

Yenny’s friends are also Mimi’s friends! 😛

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Wooooo~ Are they flirting on twitter? 😛

Looks like YeEun loves calling her Sunmi, Baby~ ^^

“Anything for my baby~” kekeke 😀 Awww~

*click on picture for full size if u wanna save ^^*

EunSun‘s Love will NEVER end~ 😉

Sorry for any mistranslations.. T.T

Just treat it as a basic understanding of their tweets~

We tried our best T.T


Translated by: Special Friend of YeEun-Impact + revolidol

Credit: wgeunsuncouple.wordpress.com